Music and visuals created, edited and directed by Sarah Hammond.
Winner of Labo Experimental animation prize – Animatou festival Oct 2014.

Ethereal lo-fi audio-visual video exploring the process and experience of feedback. Sound and visuals created exclusively through analogue electronic feedback techniques & experimentation. The process of creating both audio and video feedback involves ‘creating without intent’ in the early stages. Both visually and audibly, the results from feeding back is driven and affected by inputs such as reflections of light, movement and minuscule anomalies in the environment that then repeat, distort and merge to create new shapes and sounds, some more easily manipulated than others. These continual mutations from fragments of visual truth become unrepresentative of the original image or sound once the moment of capture has passed and we are left with the residue, a warped impression from the past. I see my work as a tangible reflection of the ceaseless updating relationship we have with ‘images’ of experience matter; like our ideologies, people, nature and our environment, whose data is processed through our own feedback system. Our relationship with this entity is just that, an image, not a true representation.

Renick Bell – ’Adapt’ from the album ‘Wary’ / HALC017

Written and performed by Renick Bell ( /

Video by Sarah Hammond

OT_R~cord serves to illustrate the evolving power struggle to protect what is essentially our global human essence from mass surveillance bodies/corporations through encryption protocols and Off The Record (”OTR”) digital communications.

Houndstooth Records. fabric Publishing. 2016.
Video by Sarah Hammond

Visual elements originated as personal artworks which have been “visually encrypted” beyond recognition using algorithm-based pixel-sorting software. The mutated digital “encrypted” forms encase and release the high-value packages of personal data, and are juxtaposed against the nostalgic warmth and organic haze of pure analogue footage reminiscent of an innocent era before the mass scraping and monetization of personal data was commonplace.

Excerpt from ‘Disintegration’ // ‘Fracture’ by Kailin. Video by Sarah Hammond // Mistry Muzik, 2017.
S. Olbricht — ZZM EP (UIQ0003) 12″ + Digital available from — Graphics — Sarah Hammond & Dave Gaskarth


London based sound & visual artist Sarah Hammond designs time-based audiovisual pieces for installation, live performance and music videos using a hybrid of analogue, algorithmic and digital techniques.

Areas of exploration include Synaesthesia, Biophony, Virtual + IRL environments, AI, Visual music, and the relationship between science, technology and the natural world. Her audiovisual video piece 'Jugis' has screened internationally and was awarded Best in experimental animation category at Animatou festival Geneva in late 2014.

Recent projects include collaborations with Renick Bell//Halcyon Veil, Kailin//Mistry Muzik& S Olbricht//UIQ.
For all enquiries re Music videos, Live audiovisual performance, Installation or Print projects, please email.

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